Blogger and Influencer Coaching

Maureen gets daily emails and messages from new bloggers (or people wanting to become bloggers) who have questions about how to get started and how to succeed in the blogosphere.  They have read Maureen’s site,, watched her videos on or even seen her in local media spots and want just a few minutes to “pick her brain”.

maureen fitzgerald on FOX

Due to the number of these requests, Maureen decided to offer a few select coaching spots to those who are interested.

Why hire Maureen as a coach?

Maureen has been blogging since back in the “old days” in 2006. She has seen the industry change and made it a point to stay well versed in best practices and emerging trends in the social influencer space.

Maureen makes a full-time living working online despite have no background in tech or marketing. She learned what she knows by doing it and can show you how to avoid some of the mistakes she made in the beginning.

Maureen has worked on both sides of the industry. In addition to being a social influencer herself, Maureen has also run influencer campaigns for national companies (ones you’ve actually heard of!) and knows what is needed in order to stand out to brands and PR agencies.

Available Packages

Are you a newer blogger looking for some guidance or have questions you want answered? We offer several levels of help depending on your needs. We’ve tried to address the most asked-for services, but if you have something else in mind, reach out via the form below and let us know what you are looking for. If we can’t help you, we most likely know someone who can!

Package A – The “I Have Questions About How This All Works” Package

Thinking of starting a blog or set one up but can’t figure out what to do next? This is the package for you. Maureen will spend 30 minutes with you via phone or video chat and answer any questions you have. Whether you are wondering about the best way to set up your blog or how the heck bloggers make money, all you have to do is ask. $100

Package B – The “I Want You to Look at My Site and Tell Me If I’m Doing This Right” Package

You’ve spent time designing a blog and now aren’t sure if you have all of the key components to be successful. Maureen will take an extensive look at your site and send back a detailed critique along with an action list of things you might want to change to make your site more appealing or function better. $150

Package C – The “I’ve Started Making Money But Want to Take It to the Next Level” Package

Maureen will spend 60 minutes with you via phone or video chat to help you develop an actionable plan on what you can do to create more income. Maureen will also explore alternative income streams with you so that you have money coming from a variety of sources. Maureen will also share some of the tricks and tools she uses to work smarter, not harder. $200

So let’s get started!! Just fill out the form and Maureen will be in touch.