How to Come Up with Blog Post Ideas

How to come up with ideas for blog posts

You’ve already figured out how to start your own blog, but now you need to know what to blog about, right?

When I do searches like the ones I’m going to tell you about, these just serve as inspiration for new blog post ideas. Never take someone else’s idea and copy it. Always link back even when you just get an idea from another blogger (or even a news article). Linking back gives you good juice while providing traffic to their site, too. It’s all about karma. 🙂

Google Trends. I love Google Trends! It lets you see what’s trending in the internet world. You can do a general search, or get specific by selecting a region, time frame, etc. It’s up to you, and searching in different ways will generate more ideas!

Google Keyword Planner. This tool will help you plan keywords, show you how well they’ll rank (and how much competition you’ll have if you use them), and is overall just a great brainstorming tool.

Blog Post Idea Generator. Plug in words, get ideas. Easy peasy!

Social media pages. I’m talking Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google Plus! Watch all of your pages to see what everyone is talking about, and follow suit.

Bottlenose. Discover what’s trending in real time. Use the “Sonar” tab to check out trending topics similar to your search topics.

Read other blogs. ProBlogger is a favorite!. Create a list of other blogs in your industry – either as an Interest List on Facebook, or in a Bookmarks Folder on your web browser. Use their posts as inspiration, or link to their posts and discuss how you feel about the issues they are discussing. Always be positive, or at least diplomatic. While trash talking another blogger might get you some temporary traffic, you’re going to lose some of your fan base (and respect) at the same time.

Basic search. Head over to your favorite search engine or Q&A site, and type in a topic. Whether it’s “paleo diet tips” or “social media”, once you start typing, other ideas will auto-populate. Write these ideas down! They’re all potential blog post ideas!

My best content generating tool is my handy dandy notebook! I keep a small notebook with me everywhere I go, so when a creative idea pops in my head, I don’t lose it. You can also use a notepad on your phone, or an app like Evernote.

What are your best tips for generating blog post ideas? Leave them in the comments!