How to Get More Traffic From Pinterest

Get More Blog Traffic From Pinterest

Pinterest is a traffic power house for my blog, and many others! By pinning relevant content and participating in Pinterest groups on Facebook, I’ve increased my traffic tenfold. Today, I’m sharing my best tips with you. Please leave your tips in the comments! I’d love to read them.

Content is king. If you’ve read any blogging tips at all.. ever.. you know that content is king. Providing amazing, original content is the best way to get traffic from Pinterest. Not sure what to blog about? Think about what you like to read, and put your own spin on those topics.

Tip: Search Google Trends if you’re out of ideas!

Make an infographic. Whether you blog about fitness or food, you can create an infographic (for free, using PicMonkey), and it has the potential to be repinned thousands of times.

Tip: Vertical images do best. Think tall, not wide!

Get verified. Verify your website, and a little check will appear on your pins. Then, people know the pins are from a legit site instead of spam. To verify your website, follow these steps:

Log into your Pinterest Account. Go to: Settings, then Profile, then Website.

Click on ‘Verify Website’ button (it’s on the right).

Download your HTML verification file, upload it to your server, then go back to Pinterest and finish verifying.

Still have questions? Check out Pinterest’s Help Page!

Create a blog board. Pin each of your blog articles on a relevant board, but also pin them to your blog board on Pinterest. Each time you mention Pinterest on your blog, link to your blog board. This will not only get you more pins and repins, it will generate traffic back to your blog.

Engage. Pin original (and relevant) content on your boards. Be consistent, and pin often (several times a day – see which times work best for you!). When someone follows your boards, follow them back! If you see that someone has commented on one of your pins, try to respond to them in a timely manner. This isn’t always possible, but it’s something to strive for.

Add the URL to the description. Instead of just adding text, add the direct URL to the blog post to the description. Don’t use a link shortener – you’ll most likely be marked as spam by Pinterest if you do.

Have a call to action. Much like with your blog posts, your pins should have a call to action or at least a teaser. Make people want to click! “Pin now, read later!”, “OMG I need this!”, and “Woah, why didn’t I think of #13?? Genius!” are all great ways to get other pinners to click through. Some pinners will repin without changing the description, which means your call to action/teaser goes through to even more Pinterest users!

Pin at the best times! The best (high traffic) time to pin is between 8PM and midnight. However, I’ve found that my pins get seen by more people if I pin in the early morning. I think this is because my pins come in after the midnight pins, which means the early birds see mine first. Who knows if that is why it works, but I’ve had good luck with it!

What’s your best tip for getting more traffic from Pinterest?